Smart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living. (Contrato nº 857801).


  • Budget: 19.067.253,75 €
  • Funding: 14.972.852,64 €
  • Nr project: 857801
  • Nr partners: 21 (9 countries)
  • Nr demosites: 4
  • Nr technologies developed: 10
  • Starting project: 1st October 2019
  • Ending project: 31st March 2023


The target of the WEDISTRICT is to demonstrate 100% fossil free heating and cooling solutions by optimally integrating multiple sources of renewable energies and excess heat in new and existing DHC systems. For this, integration of 9 upgraded renewable solutions for DHC generation into 4 real DHC sites in Spain, Romania, Poland and Sweden will be performed wthin the project. All of this, in a holistic context, smartly managed by ICT-integration, sustainable business models and engagement of citizens.

Objectives Technical and Scientific

  • STO-1 Development os 100% renewable DHC based on an optimal combination of local renewable energy sources (RES) for both, new construction and retrofitting projects.
  • STO-2 Progress towards RES cooling generation technologies.
  • STO-3 Optimal integration of new advanced thermal storage to increase the efficiency of the DHC system.
  • STO-4 Reuse of data centers waste heat (DCWH) to feed DHC network.
  • STO-5 Integration of smart ICT to smartly manage production, storage, distribution and consumption of DHC to increase efficiency of networks.
  • STO-6 Develop an OPEN-source multi-criteria decision making tool to perform feasibility studies of RES integration into district heating and cooling systems across different regions in Europe.
  • STO-7 Demostration and validation of WEDistrict technologies through four real case studies in four different regions of Europe.
  • STO-8 Demostrate the replicability of the project in different Business scenarios through visrtual demo-studies, including the implementation in the 4G-DHC Horizon as backbone of smart cities.
  • STO-9 Demostrate to investors the profitability of the project and develop sustainable business models.
  • STO-10 Promote public acceptance and participation of citizens.

Technologies used in WEDistrict

Demonstration facilities in WeDistrict

Actividades a realizar del 1/10/19 al 31/03/2023 por Seenso Renoval en WeDistrict:

Seenso participates in the following Tasks of the WeDistrict project:

  • WP 1 Project management and risk assessment
  • WP 2 Concept design & requirements
  • WP 3 Development of technologies for clean&renewable district heating&cooling networks
  • WP 4 Advanced digitalization for optimized district heating&cooling management
  • WP 5 Design, engineering and integration of wedistrict projects
  • WP 6 Demonstration & performance evaluation
  • WP 7 Dissemination, communication and citizens engagement
  • WP 8 Business models, exploitation and uptake

With special intensity in the tasks within the WP3:

  • Solar technologies for DHCs supply : 3.1.3 Low concentration solar collector
  • Solar cooling technologies applied in DHCs :3.2.2 Advanced absorption chiller

Tasks in the WP5:

  • Simulation models (mainly Trnsys software)
  • Alcalá project

Tasks in the WP6:

Instalación y en ensayo en el proyecto de demostración (tarea 6.2) del District Heating & Cooling en Alcalá de Henares Madrid de la tecnología del WP3.